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You acknowledge that the present website and its contents are legally protected in the application of the law concerning intellectual property, and you undertake to respect all regulations of intellectual property, and in particular, trade-mark regulations, patents, writers and sui generis databases.

You cannot in any circumstances:
Reproduce, represent, use, circulate, by any means whatever and in any kind of form and support, the Site, and any element of the website (texts, photos, images, videos, sounds, software, trade-marks, logos, company names, or any other distinctive signs) other than the cases authorised above.
Extract by permanent or temporary transfer, or reuse by making available to the public, the totality or a qualitative or quantitative substantial part, ads or other databases present on the website in order to extract or reutilise in a repeated systematic manner, qualitative or quantitative non substantial parts, when these procedures clearly exceed the conditions of normal usage.
Exploit, commercialise, or distribute to benefit a third party, in whatever form, the website, any element of the website, the ads and other databases present on the website.
Modify, remove, alter, by any means whatsoever and in any kind of form and support, the entirety or part of the intellectual property and copyright appearing on the website.

Any use not in accordance with the provisions above is illegal and may lead to prosecutions against you.

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